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MHS Castro Valley Campus Reopening Plan:

Safety measures that have been taken by the school administration for reopening of the school:


Our MHS Staff will have received one or both sets of Covid-19 vaccinations by the end of March 2021.

We invested in a thermal heat imaging camera that takes the temperatures of anyone that enters the building and reflects the results on a screen at the front desk. 
We invested in touch-free hand sanitizers that must be used by anyone that enters the school premises. 

We require that all our staff get Covid-19 testing done before the school year starts and then at regular intervals.
We invested in desk dividers for the front desk, main office, and classrooms. 
We invested in masks and shields for the staff, as well as masks for anyone that forgets theirs.
We invested in 8-10 more picnic tables so students can spread out for lunch.
We added more rooms so that the students can be divided further. 
Our drop off/pick up procedures have been revised so that parents are not coming into the school daily.
Our classroom procedures and layouts have been revised so that there will be one child at a double desk with less than 16 students in a room OR 16-18 students with customized desk dividers for the students. Adequate staffing will enable us to teach the students in small groups in separate classrooms. 
We are revising our lunchroom procedures so that students will not have to eat in their classrooms; classrooms have double doors and will be ventilated during lunch and all the desks/chairs will be disinfected (like a mid-day reset button to sanitize everything).
We are revising our classroom procedures to avoid ALL sharing of materials and desk space. Students will have their personal Puma Trail supplies, mini whiteboards, and Expo markers! 


How shared surfaces will be regularly cleaned and disinfected. How use of shared items will be minimized. What   modifications will be made to increase the flow of fresh outdoor air within your school buildings.

Will be cleaned by Simple Green, Lysol Disinfectant spray and partial bleach during lunch recess and end of school day. 

Each student will have their own set of items and story books, bagged separately and in their own desks – absolutely NO sharing. Students will also have their own set of grade-based textbooks, notebooks, school supplies in their own desks. 

Each classroom has two doors and multiple windows which will be left open during school day for cross ventilation.



How students will be kept in small, stable, groups with fixed membership that stay together for all activities (e.g., instruction, lunch, recess) and minimize/avoid contact with other groups or individuals who are not part of the cohort. 

Each cohort in a regular-sized classroom may comprise of 12-16 students at most. Each student will have his/her own desk space and individual supplies and will be required to wear masks.  

As long as a cohort does not have more than 16 students, new students will be able to join that cohort provided that they have followed all the Covid-19 health plans.

A cohort in a larger-sized classroom may comprise of 12-18 students. Each student will have his/her own desk space and individual supplies and will be required to wear masks. 

Each cohort will have its own staggered lunch, recess time/area to minimize contact with anyone not part of their cohort.

Students will stay in their classroom for all lessons. PE will be outdoors. 

Please note that cohort restrictions will be revised as the Covid-19 restrictions change over time. 



How space and routines will be arranged to allow for physical distancing of students and staff. 

Each student will be assigned his/her own desk and seating will be spaced 6 feet apart in the classroom. 

All students and staff will wear masks and maintain a 6ft distance whether in the classroom or at lunch/recess.

Morning recess and lunch recess will be staggered to ensure that the cohorts remain separated.  



How movement of students, staff, and parents will be managed to avoid close contact and/or mixing of cohorts. *

There are two designated main entrances to the campus which will each be monitored for single entry. Parents will not be allowed to go past the main entrances for drop off or pick up. Parents will wait at the 6ft distance markings for drop off/pick up. 

Anyone that enters the campus will be required to wear a mask, go through our thermal camera temperature check and apply hand sanitizer (touch-free hand sanitizers are installed). 

Students will line up single file and stay at 6 ft from one another.



How CDPH and ACPHD’s face covering requirements will be satisfied and enforced. Availability to supply appropriate personal protective equipment to staff and students when needed.

All students on campus are mandated to wear a mask. It is mandated for teaching staff to wear face shields and staff helpers to wear face masks. School supplies these to all staff. 

School keeps a supply of masks and gloves on campus for those who come to school without one. 



How students and staff will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and how ill students or staff will be separated from others and sent home immediately. *

A thermal imaging camera system has been installed to check temperature of students and staff each morning.

Each teacher will be given a touch-free thermometer for use within their cohort during the day.  

If a student or staff member looks flushed, appears irritated and not themselves, seems to have difficulty breathing, has a cough or runny nose, glazed eyes, more enquiry will be done outside of the classroom by office admin to determine the reason and the person will immediately be sent home.



The availability of hand washing stations and hand sanitizer, and how their use will be promoted and incorporated into routines. *

Touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed at the entrance of the school and must be used by anyone that enters the campus. 

All classrooms have sinks and soap dispensers - hand washing will be mandated throughout the day, before and after morning recess and before lunch and after lunch recess. 

All classrooms will have hand sanitizers available for use.

Students will be reminded at regular intervals to use their hand sanitizers. 



Actions that staff will take when there is a confirmed case. Confirm that the school(s) have designated at least two staff to support contact tracing, such as creation and submission of lists of exposed students and staff to ACPHD and notification of exposed persons. Each school must also designate one person for the local health department to contact about COVID-19. *

If a student or staff test positive for COVID-19, school administration will inform ACPHD and follow the guidance given on their website for schools. Two school staff members designated to support contact tracing are Adriana Gonzalez and Lata Nigam. Also, Lata Nigam is the person designated for any contact with the local health department about COVID-19. 



How staff will be trained and families will be educated on the application and enforcement of the plan. *

Parents will receive (via email) and sign a set of “School Policies & Procedures during COVID-19.” They will also be referred to the school website. Daily reminders will be posted around the school and emailed by the teachers.

Staff will receive copies of the “School Policies & Procedures during COVID-19” and get trained remotely via zoom, then at school. 

Regular staff meetings will be held to evaluate the procedures and improvise if needed. 



 How school officials will ensure that staff who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 will be rapidly tested and what instructions they will be given while waiting for test results. Describe how staff will be tested periodically to detect asymptomatic infections (e.g. Screening Testing), including the name of a testing provider the school or district is planning to partner with. *

Examples of recommended frequency for Screening Testing include testing all staff over 2 months, where 25% of staff are tested every 2 weeks, or 50% every month to rotate testing of all staff over time. Students are not required to be included in the screening testing, but it is recommended.

All staff on site will be tested before the opening of the school and then periodically every 8 weeks. The Testing is through Kaiser or Warrior Diagnostics. 

In the event that a staff member tests positive, shows symptoms, or has been exposed to Covid-19, the school will follow ALL measures outlined by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), under article “Covid-19 and Reopening In-Person Learning Framework for K-12 Schools in CA, 2020-21 School Year” dated January, 2021. 



The criteria the school or district leadership will use to determine when to physically close the school and prohibit in-person instruction. 

The decision to close the school will be based on the number of cases and the percentage of the staff/students that are positive for Covid-19. If there are multiple cases within the same cohort within a 14-day period, school will be closed and switch to remote-learning

In the event of one or more cases of Covid-19 at the school, the CDPH and ACDPH will be notified immediately and their guidelines and instructions will be followed.



How the school or district leadership will communicate with students, staff, and parents about cases and exposures at the school, consistent with privacy requirements such as FERPA and HIPAA.*

While the school administration (Lata Nigam, Adriana Gonzalez) will work closely with the staff or student that may be affected by Covid-19 (possibly exposed, currently positive, shows symptoms, etc.), absolutely NO names and other details of these people will be disclosed to anyone else in any communication within the school community. 





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