Affordable Tuition -- Excellent Education -- Small Class Sizes **Free Extended Daycare**
Affordable Tuition -- Excellent Education -- Small Class Sizes  **Free Extended Daycare** 

Our History

" When one door closes, another one opens...."

Just when they were ready to make changes in their lives, an interesting turn of events merged their paths... Inspired by the book Three Cups of Tea, these five friends opened the school of their dreams.


With all the challenges they face, Ayse, Lata, Ferishta, Bonnie, and Hadia are compelled to teach, support, nurture and love your children.

Opening a new school is certainly not an easy task, but these five friends shared the hope, faith, commitment, enthusiasm and perseverance to build a better future for our children.

The Five Cups of Tea are:

  • Lata Nigam
  • Ayse Kaya
  • Ferishta Kulaly
  • Hadia Niazi
  • Bonnie Reeves


       Reaching for your dreams is the path to success....

From a parent:

"Following a good idea (Three Cups of Tea), five courageous and adventurous women set out to change the world, one child at a time.

A better bunch of people, you’ll not run across!"

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