Elementary Curriculum

Jr.Kindergarten  & Kindergarten Program (Full day)


Both the Mission Hills Middle School Jr.K and Kindergarten programs establish a strong foundation for the students. Set in a positive learning environment with experienced teachers, the curriculum for both programs focuses on developing the love of learning in young children. By the 2nd semester, the kindergarten students are able to read and do 1st grade mathematics. Music, PE, library time, and computer phonics are offered at the kindergarten level. 


Our Jr.K is a full-day program offered to four-year-olds and is designed to get the children's organizational, social, academic, and motor skills ready for kindergarten.  Music, PE, and library time are offered at the Jr.K level. Those children that attend our Jr.K smoothly transition into kindergarten and are much more academically and socially advanced than their peers with little or no school experience.  



The Elementary School (grades 1-5)


Class sizes for grades 1-5 is 18-24 students.


The Elementary School schedule includes all of the following, offered at the appropriate level for each child: 


Reading (with an emphasis on reading comprehension & vocabulary) 


English (mechanics, phonics, writing)


Social Studies (hands-on projects & field trips included)


Science (with an additional science lab session and STEM activities)




French (Union City)


Spanish (Union City and Castro Valley)















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