Affordable Tuition -- Excellent Education -- Small Class Sizes **Free Extended Daycare**
Affordable Tuition -- Excellent Education -- Small Class Sizes  **Free Extended Daycare** 


Lata Nigam


Ms.Lata is one of the co-founders and administrators of MHMS. She holds a B.A. from the University of Delhi in India in Geography. She has extensive experience working with children ages 4-14 and has specialized in teaching children with special needs. Ms.Lata is not only a mother of two beautiful daughters, but also a 'mother' to many MHMS students that love her dearly. 




Sean Yeung

Staff and Campus Supervisor


Mr.Sean, as the students call him,  is also a parent that joined the MHMS Community when he and his wife, Liz, registered their daughter 5 years ago. Mr.Sean has a MA degree in Social Work from Boston University. As the Staff and Campus Supervisor, you will find him anywhere and everywhere, tending to the students' needs, supervising the playgrounds, fixing things, recycling, organizing, and never taking a moment to relax. He is always ready to help you, with a warm smile and a friendly greeting!  


 Julie Nghiem

As a parent that registered her children at MHMS 6 years ago and immediately saw the positive change in her own boys, Ms.Julie started devoting hours to volunteer at various MHMS functions and help in the main office. Realizing that Ms.Julie's organizational and office skills, her technological knowledge, positive attitude, and her ever-lasting energy were essential for the growth of the school, the MHMS Administration asked her to join the Administrative Staff.  You will always see Ms.Julie at the front desk or in the main office, happily smiling and ready to answer your questions. Ms.Julie has  
                                  been a part of the MHMS Staff for 5,5 years.

Melanie Kirksey


Ms. Melanie started at MHMS as a parent volunteer for various school events and classroom field trips. Seeing how diligently and from-the-heart she worked,  the MHMS Administration asked her to become a part of the administrative staff and help with daily office management. She is thrilled to see the continuous growth of the school, while it maintains its mission to provide excellent, affordable education and small class sizes. She has a wonderful family: Brian (her husband), Kamari (9), Michael (7), and Marley (her dog). 

Ferishta Kulaly


Mrs. Kulaly manages financial & administrative duties at school. 

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