13 Years of Excellent Education Affordable Tuition & Small Class Sizes **Free Extended Daycare**
            13 Years of Excellent Education           Affordable Tuition & Small Class Sizes          **Free Extended Daycare** 

A Typical Day at School (during in-person):



While the sun is shining on the beautiful campus, a different kind of warmth is prevailing in the classrooms.


    The Jr.K students are divided into little groups, with one group working on phonics, and the other tracing the letter of the day. The 3rd group is heading to the library for storytime. 


    During a 2nd grade reading group, the students are giggling, because their teacher has just asked them to create 'a really, really funny' ending to the story they have just read. What's that? Teamwork at its ultimate on the other side; three other students are sprawled around a map of the United States, finishing up a geography crossword puzzle before recess. Several students are working on a brand new section in math. No worries there, because for those that need help, their teacher will guide them through the steps, one-by-one.



      “Bonjour!” the seventh graders cheerfully greet their French teacher as she walks in. Meanwhile Beethoven's symphony can be heard in the distance.  And the sweet melody of the ukelele fills the auditorium. Is this a middle school music class? Now, that’s unreal!



       The bell rings. A group of 6th graders start helping their science teacher set up the microscopes for lab, while the other  6th students run to their art class. ‘Hi guys!” the art teacher greets them. “Wait till you see what we’re doing today!” Another group, in their PE uniforms, rush to the gym to shoot hoops—it’s basketball today! 


     The school days are very busy, very full-filling at Mission Hills Middle School. Whether it’s science to art, French/Spanish to math, PE to creative writing, the students are continually challenged, both academically and physically, throughout the school day. Yet with a unique schedule that creates the perfect balance of these subjects, the school day never gets too overwhelming, nor too mundane for the students. The teaching is done by passionate teachers in a creative and positive manner; students just, ”Go for it!” because the fear of failure is removed from the classroom.    


      Any visitor on campus is immediately struck by the family-like atmosphere and the smiles on the students’ faces. This is the MHMS community, and this is what makes us so unique!


Jr.Kindergarten  & Kindergarten Program

Both the Mission Hills Middle School Jr.K and Kindergarten programs establish a strong foundation for the students. Set in a positive learning environment with experienced teachers, the curriculum for both programs focuses on developing the love of learning in young children. By the 2nd trimester, the kindergarten students are able to read and do 1st grade mathematics. Music, PE, library time, and computer phonics are offered at the kindergarten level. 


Our Jr.K is a full-day program offered to four-year-olds and is designed to get the children's organizational, social, academic, and motor skills ready for kindergarten.  Music, PE, and library time are offered at the Jr.K level. Those children that attend our Jr.K smoothly transition into the kindergarten and are much more academically and socially advanced than their peers with little or no school experience.  


Please call the Union City Campus at 510-493-2189  and Castro Valley Campus at 510 317 8627 for more information. 



The Elementary School (grades 1-5)


Class sizes for grades 1-5 is 18-24 students.


The Elementary School schedule at MHMS includes all of the following, offered at the appropriate level for each child:  


  • Reading (with an emphasis on reading comprehension & vocabulary) 
  • English (mechanics, phonics, writing)
  • Social Studies (hands-on projects & field trips included)
  • Science (with an additional science lab session and STEM activities)
  • Math 
  • French
  • Art
  • PE/Music
  • Library
  • Computer

Middle School (grades 6-8)- at the Union City campus only


Class sizes in the Middle School is 20-26 students.


The Middle School schedule at MHMS includes all of the following, offered at the appropriate level for each child:



  • Language Arts (with an additional writing workshop)
  • Literature (with an emphasis on reading comprehension & vocabulary)
  • Math (Math Fundamentals, Math 6, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry)
  • Science (Earth, Life, Physical Science- weekly science lab offered at each level)
  • History
  • Foreign Language (French or Spanish, levels 1-3)
  • Art   
  • PE (daily) 
  • Computer 
  • Library
  • Music (6th)  & Drama (7th)
  • Geography (6th) 
  • Leadership (8th grade)
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